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ACC Referral

  • Do you have an injury that is affecting your ability to drive or travel as a passenger in a vehicle?
  • Are you having difficulty managing your wheelchair transportation? 
  • Has your medical team required you to stand down from driving for a period of time, and you are unsure if your injury will now affect your ability to drive safely and effectively?  
  • Do you need driver rehab sessions so you can resume driving safely and effectively with or without vehicle modifications? 
  • Are you covered by ACC for your injury?

If you answered yes to the above questions you may be eligible for a Transport for Independence Assessment, funded by ACC. 


  1. Ask your doctor to send a request to ACC for a Transport for Independence Assessment.  Give your doctor the DriveMed NZ provider ID number which is G0C258 (GzeroC258) to include with the request, as this helps the ACC administration staff.
  2. Or contact your local ACC directly and ask how to request a Transport for Independence Assessment.​
  3. ACC will consider your eligibility and make a decision on whether to refer you for this assessment or not.
  4. ACC will then send a referral to DriveMed NZ.
  5. An assessor (occupational therapist, transport assessor) will contact you to make an assessment appointment with you.

About the ACC Transport for Independence Assessment Services

DriveMed NZ is contracted to provide Transport for Independence Assessment services to Canterbury, South Canterbury, Otago and Central Otago.  

To complete Transport for Independence Assessment for ACC, DriveMed NZ comprises two assessors who have Dunedin, Central Otago and Christchurch clinics.  We also travel to home addresses, if and when necessary to complete your assessment. 

Dunedin based assessor - Jazmine O'Kane 
Christchurch based assessor - Shelley Beckert

The Transport for Independence Assessment may include any of the following:

  • medical fitness to drive assessment

  • vehicle assessment - may include driver, passenger, and wheelchair transportation considerations; and outdoor power chair transportation; farm vehicle assessment; commercial class assessment (classes 2, 3, 4, 5) as examples

  • mobility scooter assessment 

  • vehicle modifications recommendations for driver and or passenger independence.

For any queries regarding your Transport for Independence Assessment please contact your local ACC

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