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Young couple with child in wheelchair getting into a modified vehicle - DriveMed NZ Vehicle Modifications

Transport solutions for medical drivers and passengers

Occupational therapist assessment of your medical or injury-related transport needs in your home, clinic, vehicle modifier, or workplace setting in Christchurch, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Otago and Central Otago. 

Occupational therapists are specialists in assessing the impact of an individual’s medical or injury-related issues on their ability to drive safely and independently, or to travel as a passenger in the vehicle.

We can help you if you need to answer any of these questions: 

  1. Is your vehicle suitable for your medical needs?
  2. Do you require funding assistance through ACC, Ministry of Health (Enable) or Lottery?
  3. Do you need the peace of mind that you or your loved-one is safe driving on the road?
  4. Are you having trouble transporting your wheelchair or rehab equipment?

Our Services

Vehicle wheelchair hoist for medical drivers - Drive Med NZ

Vehicle Assessment

To assess the suitability of your existing vehicle for your medical or injury-related needs.  

Suitable modifications may be discussed and recommended for your vehicle.   

You may need modifications to allow you to drive, to travel as a passenger, or also help you to stow a wheelchair in the boot of your car.

Medical Fitness to Drive Assessment

This is an ‘off-road assessment’ (screening your physical, cognitive and visual ability relevant for driving) and an ‘on-road assessment’ in all traffic complexities with the therapist assessor and a driving instructor, to establish your medical fitness to drive status.  


This self-funded assessment may be timely when your family, friends or your doctor have concerns that your medical condition may be affecting your ability to drive.  A doctor’s referral is required

DriveMed NZ does not provide medical certificates for a commercial driver licence if you are able-bodied. Please see your own doctor for this.  DriveMed NZ assesses those with medical issues or disability only. 

Elderly man doing a Medical Driver Assessment to determine if fit to drive - Drive Med NZ

About Your Assessor

Your occupational therapist and assessor is Shelley Beckert. Shelley is based in Christchurch and provides these assessments in the Canterbury, South Canterbury, Otago and Central Otago regions.  

  • EMS Enable credentialed assessor Vehicle Modifications Levels 1 & 2

  • Driver Trained Occupational Therapist, University of Sydney

  • NZ Registered Occupational Therapist (NZROT) and Member of Occupational Therapy New Zealand (OTNZ)

Occupational Therapy NZ logo, as Drive Med NZ is a member
Occupational Therapy Board of NZ logo - DriveMed NZ
Image of New Zealand road - Drive Med NZ medical driver & vehicle assessments in Christchurch

Get in Touch

If you think that you need a vehicle or driver assessment to meet your medical or injury-related needs please fill in your details here, and you will be contacted, or call 0274 688 622

If you are ready to complete a full medical referral click the button below. 

We also have put together information about ACC Referrals. 

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